Survivors of Violence

Women in India are at the lowest end of every spectrum - caste, class or gender. They are open to exploitation at every level. Many of them are subjected to the worst kind of torture. They are raped, maimed, attacked with acid, forced to bear innumerable children, and subjected to abuse and mental torture. This is their story.

Vanangana is a rural community-based women's right collective located in Uttar Pradesh. The NGO works on a human rights perspective of woman who face violence from various fronts, especially their own families. It does not consider the woman a victim but an independent person. Its objectives are based on two perspectives:
1) the woman should face the social problems with courage and
2) the woman needs to be strong by knowing her rights and duties as a citizen.

Vanangana has been working with women survivors of domestic violence since 1995.

Even after facing such Violence these women now speak of inner strength and will power. Their aspirations are high but not impossible.
sudharak olwe